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These Things I'm Telling You


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Leigh McRae lives by a simple philosophy: we can learn much from the experiences of others. With the hope of encouraging others to reflect on their own lives and find the answers to life?s most complex questions, McRae offers a stimulating and heartfelt account of important moments and associated life lessons, inspired from his own personal experiences and those of the thousands of people he has met during his lifetime.

McRae, who is an international voice teacher, performer, songwriter, and motivational coach, shares insightful and heartfelt reflections that shine a light on the beautiful mix of souls who make up our diverse world. From the vocalist who never gave up on her dream to McRae?s own journey from amateur to professional to the neighbor who provided a moving example of unconditional love, McRae touches on common themes such as forgiveness, career choices, purpose, loss, and acceptance while offering perspective and wisdom intended to motivate others to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflect on their own important life lessons.

These Things I?m Telling You is a collection of insightful true stories, reflections, and life lessons that provides inspiration to seek joy in daily life, find comfort in simple pleasures, and embrace all that life has to offer.

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These Things I'm Telling You


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