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Stellar Doctrines: Children of the Dust


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This story is an ancient record, told new for today's people. It speaks of a time when light and dark were in balance and the tribes of Earth lived in harmony with beings of rock, tree, fire, wind, and water.

It tells of a deep rumbling in Gaia which disturbed her song, heralding change. The Song Lines that held our world together were breaking. Giant trees that had for eons held a threat at bay began to perish, releasing upon the people a disease called Fear, which would change reality forever. While disturbances continued to increase, so did encounters between the nocturnal and diurnal tribes. Despite intensified efforts to sustain harmony, attempted allegiances between the tribes were undermined. Fear, by its nature, drives division.

The fast-spreading plague proved fatal for many of Earth's inhabitants. Beings that had been at the heart of civilisation struggled to survive. In a desperate attempt to preserve life, beings that had long been humanity's companions were cast from the fabric of reality into a realm beyond our reach. The veil between dark and light dissolved, leaving the people to grapple with Fear in a new world where two kinds of nature became one.

Hopefully, in this era of forgetting, we might remember them: the winged ones, the wise ones, with their fur, flame, and foliage, their smiles and their stories ... remember to look beyond separation and reach for our greatest potential. Their whispers can be heard in Gaia's quiet places. They are not so far away, just a breath from our consciousness, a song beyond our awareness, a line it's time to cross.

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Stellar Doctrines: Children of the Dust


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