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Mini Mating Box Queen Bee Rearing Plastic Styrene Foam Hive Harvest Copulation

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The mini mating box with three plastic frames is used to rear queen bees.

It features excellent heat insulation to ensure that beekeepers continue to breed high quality queen bees in early spring, summer heat and late autumn. The thermal insulation performance of plastic and foam is three times that of wooden materials. It protects the miniature bee colony from heat and cold.

The colony has a spherical structure, which is the main characteristic of a normal colony and is more conducive to the feeding of worker bees.


  • Model: B-22
  • Colour: White and Yellow
  • Material: Polystyrene Foam and Plastic
  • Dimensions (cm): 24 (L) x 15 (W) x 16.5 (H)
  • Weight: 315g


  • Less worker bees more queens: Mini polystyrene mating nucs can be used for mating queens with only a handful of bees rather than taking a full sized nuc of bees out of honey production for rearing queens.
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties: 3.5 times that of wooden materials. Ensure that beekeepers continue to breed high quality queen bee in early spring, hot summer and late autumn.
  • High success rate: Due to the relatively small number of worker bees, the development of the queen bee is better than that of the large group. The bee colony has a spherical structure, which is conducive to the normal bee colony. Compared with the standard group, it is more conducive to worker bee feeding.
  • This mating nuc features a sliding front panel covering a ventilation mesh or the entrance to allow the nuc to be easily moved to the mating apiary. There is a feeding section at the rear which is segregated by a queen excluder.
  • Portable and mini to transit: Transit queens easy and safely.

Package Includes:
1x Mini Mating Box B-22