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1x Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler Pipe + 125g Free Coarse Salt - Pure Cyrstal Rock


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Product description

The Himalayan Salt Inhaler is a useful, drug-free and non-invasive method designed to let you inhale the Himalayan Pure Crystal Salt vapours which delivers amazing natural clean air.

Our Salt Pipe is a high quality porcelain salt inhaler containing Himalayan Natural Salt Crystals straight from the source.

This Salt Inhaler includes 125g of Pure Himalayan Pink Rock Crystal Salt

How It Works

Himalayan rock salt crystals are put into the inhaler chamber and as you breathe through the inhaler, moisture in the air absorbs soothing micron-size salt particles into your respiratory System.

How To Use Your Salt Pipe Inhaler

  • Grip the salt inhaler pipe and place its mouthpiece into your mouth
  • Breathe in normally through your mouth and breath out through the nose
  • For best results, the recommended time of salt inhaler therapy is 15 minutes per day
  • Your inhaler comes with 125g of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt


  • Please do not shake the inhaler with the salt inside
  • For cleaning, wash the outside of the mouthpiece with warm salt water
  • Salt inhaler is recommended for use of one person only
  • Do not add water, the Himalayan Salt Pipe is for dry therapy only.
  • Salt pipe is not recommended for children under four years.
  • Always keep out of reach of children.
  • Please note that all product descriptions and titles on our website, listing, and/or any suggestion given either on the telephone, website, listing letter or via email should only be used as a guide and further guidance from a medical professional should be sought if you are intending to use any of the products purchased from our web site or listing.

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Bulk buy 1x Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler Pipe + 125g Free Coarse Salt - Pure Cyrstal Rock wholesale . Please contact us via our wholesale enquiries form here

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1x Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler Pipe + 125g Free Coarse Salt - Pure Cyrstal Rock


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