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2Kg Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - Table Cooking or Grinder Grain Natural Crystals


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Product description

A refreshing, full flavoured 100% pure & natural healthy pink Himalayan salt to add to all your everyday foods as a healthier alternative to regular salt.

Himalayan Salt is incredibly beneficial. Mined from the ancient Himalayan mountain ranges, known as one of the most pristine places on earth. As the Primal Sea gradually dried up over thousands of years, sea salt deposits were subjected to extreme tectonic pressure for over 250 million years.

Pure, crystalline Himalayan Salt is completely free of toxins and impurities and has a high mineral content of 84 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements including iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. All of these minerals are found in the human body and are essential for maintaining optimal health. Himalayan Salt helps to supplement deficiencies of these vital minerals.

Features for this listing

  • This listing is for 2Kg of Salt. Checkout our store or ask us if you want to buy in bulk.
  • Choose your type of salt from the listing
    • "Fine Salt" is the finest grind of salt (powder-like)
    • "1-2mm Salt" is the 2nd finest grind of salt (about 1-2mm)
    • "2-5mm Grinder Salt" is more suitable for Salt grinders (about 2-5mm)
  • 100% natural Himalayan pink rock salt
  • Comes in resealable bags to keep fresh
  • Country of origin: Pakistan

Please note that the colour shades of the salt may vary as it is a natural product.

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Bulk buy 2Kg Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - Table Cooking or Grinder Grain Natural Crystals wholesale . Please contact us via our wholesale enquiries form here

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2Kg Himalayan Pink Rock Salt - Table Cooking or Grinder Grain Natural Crystals

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