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CD: Sound Echo Location


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This is a beautifully crafted album, a sensuous blend of contemporary electronica with real instruments and voices and the effortlessly evocative feel of a film score. From the pioneering simplicity of their electronic roots Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes have combined a wealth of talent and expertise to create this album of heart and passion, an album that oozes pure class and hypnotic melody.

Published Reviews

inthemix Nov 7 2003

Think summer, think beaches, and think lazing around in the sun... then think of a cd to do it all too. This is the one! If youOve been looking for the ultimate in chilled out sounds, and atmospheric beats look no further than this album. It has in my opinion the ability to rival the greats of the chilled out style. It combines and uses a wide variety of influences and sounds similar to those by Morcheeba, St Germain, Express 2 and many other prominent artists in the field. I relies that there is nothing new to that sort of sound and that it isnOt really that unique either, however having said that what it is, is near perfect. Have I ever come across one album that has been able to evoke such emotion and feeling within me from just one listening. The answer simply is no.

Sound echo location is the debut album of popular UK producers Glenn Gregory (ex Heaven 17) and Keith Lowndes (ex ABC) who have formed to create the production team of Honeyroot. The idea came about after the two wanted to combine elements of all the projects they had been working on over the years and display the depth, quality and ideals of there work coming out of there heads over the years. The result is an album of pure heart and passion and one that oozes class and hypnotic melody.

The media release with the cd is quoted as saying Oit is the perfect time of year for release of this albumO and I could not agree more. OItOs got the potential to be a great summer album and is certain to recreate the same interest and excitement in Australia as it has overseasO. With that said the cd would have to have a lot to live up to and deliver and IOm more than confident that it will live up to expectations when listened to by you.

The album contains 10 tracks of which opens with the calming sound of rain and thunder followed by a haunting female vocal and acoustic guitar. Titled loosing my mind it allows the listener to be whisked away to another place instantly and be lost in the music. A trend develops with the titles of each of the tracks on the disc, Sunset sunset, Sweet as honey, Sunshine and the title track Sound echo location. These all match the music they accompany and allow the musicians to create a mindset of the possibility of where they are drawing influence from as they wrote the music.

Although it is partly very similar to all the music that currently exists in the trip hop, chilled out ambient styled releases, it is one of pure class and quality. It has its own unique twist to the styling but remains true to the labels and the contexts this genre has been given. It is the ideal cd for almost any summer occasion or time for relaxation. Basically its perfect for anyone appreciates mood and mind evoking music.

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CD: Sound Echo Location


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