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CD: Divine Rebels (9 CD)


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A Compelling Guide to the Ultimate Spiritual Revolution

They rose up to challenge the status quo and shake the foundations of our world. Francis of Assisi, Teresa of Avila, Mother Mary, and divine rebels throughout the agesNtheir true legacy is not what they did in their time on earth, but the eternal beacon that they held up for each of us to follow. On Divine Rebels, Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey offer you an opportunity and a challengeNto listen for the same divine voice that called to history's greatest spiritual trailblazers, and to answer it in your own life.

Essential Training for an Insurgency of Truth and Love

OIf you are ready to put your soul in charge of your life instead of your ego, you are ready for your own rebellion,O teaches Caroline Myss. Inspired by mystics such as Rumi, Sri Aurobindo, and Saint John of the Cross, Myss and Harvey have created a map for the journey to your own awakening. The first stage, they teach, is to overthrow the harmful and false beliefs we hold about ourselvesNthat we are small, unworthy, and isolated from the divine. Once you have grasped that revolutionary idea, you can begin to usurp the dominion of the ego and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your true purpose.

Every one of us will hear the call in our livesNa drive to act that starts with the soul and expresses itself as a radical transformation in the way we live. The lesson of the divine rebel is that when we offer ourselves wholly to do what the divine asks of us, the power of grace will come flooding into our lives. Divine Rebels is a training course in finding the inspiration and courage to answer your own callNand discover for yourself why the ultimate rebellion is love.

Music by Jon Samson


  • Untold stories of saints, sages, and mysticsNwhat we can learn from their struggles and triumphs

  • Honoring the great OyesONthe convergence of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine in our time

  • How spontaneous healings and miracles are an act of defianceNand what they defy

  • Why a mystic must be willing to challenge the divineNand to completely surrender

  • The steps of initiation to becoming a divine rebel

  • Love and truthNthe essential pillars of a spiritual revolution

  • The dark night of the soulNhow this spiritual crucible burns away the blockages between who we are and what we can be

  • Rumi and Shams, John and TeresaNthe evolutionary nature of divine rebel partnerships

  • More than nine hours of fierce wisdom, revelatory teachings, and compassionate guidance for our soul's most transformative journey

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CD: Divine Rebels (9 CD)


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