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CD: Awakening Love (8 CD)


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Awaken the Capacity to Love, the True Purpose of Our Lives

Have you ever wanted to love and connect with others more deeply E but felt that you could use a little help shedding the Oemotional armorO and opening your heart?

With Awakening Love, Pema Chsdrsn invites you to start wherever you are, amid any and all of the challenges, frustrations, or fears you may be facing, and to use them as the starting place to awaken the natural and boundless capacity to give and receive love more fully.

This practice-centered program, recorded at Gampo Abbey, will teach you how to apply the insights of BuddhismOs Four Limitless OnesNlovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimityNto even your most difficult obstacles.

Your Obstacles to the Open Heart Are Your Most Valuable Allies

Many students confess to Pema Chsdrsn that they cannot think of even one person to love during heart-centered meditation practice. This is what she tells them:

OWhat if you could open to that frustration, just for a moment, to discover not just where love is free flowing E but where itOs not? That is how we all begin to uncover the soft spot within.O

Here, Pema Chsdrsn brings her unique blend of kitchen-table common sense, scholarship, and empathy to help you discover the eternal resilience and joy of your own tender, undefended, and genuine heart. Whether youOre in the midst of a challenging relationship, grief, or simply in need of heart-centered rejuvenation, Awakening Love provides you with the gentle step-by-step instructions needed to awaken the natural goodness within you.


  • The Four Qualities or Limitless Ones, the roots of suffering, and expanding the capacity to love

  • Seeing where weOre blocked and bringing lovingkindness to our biases and fears

  • Aspiration practice, Onot faking it,O unblocking the flow of love, and benefactors

  • Changing our attitude toward pain, working with anger, compassionate abiding, tonglen, and Omaking friends with the hard stuffO

  • Meditations and practices for receiving unconditional love, resting in natural awareness, cultivating gratitude and sympathetic joy, opening to the world, and more

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CD: Awakening Love (8 CD)


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