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CD: Awakening Kundalini (6 CD)


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Discover a Potent, Creative Force for Spiritual Transformation

Kundalini is the power of divine within that compels us to evolve and growNidentified by cultures and traditions all over the world as a key to the most profoundly transformative experiences we can have. With its ability to connect us to the energy of creation and elevate us to a higher state of consciousness, Kundalini awakening is crucial to the deepening of our spiritual evolution. But the deep spiritual unfolding that Kundalini offers can also be confusing and difficult to graspNso how can we approach this universal power with preparation and wisdom?

An Essential Guide for Navigating the Kundalini Experience

In Awakening Kundalini, Dr. Lawrence Edwards, who has devoted his life to understanding and teaching about Kundalini, presents an essential guide to harnessing this boundless energy. In six in-depth sessions, he offers a comprehensive exploration from the physical, psychological, and spiritual perspectives, with insights and practices for recognizing what Kundalini is, how it manifests, and when your body and mind are ready to initiate an awakening of consciousness. OYou are born with Kundalini,O says Dr. Edwards. OYou just need the right conditions to unfold it.O Through seven hours of teachings, learn how to open to the freedom of awakening while avoiding the pitfalls, misunderstandings, and projections that are so often a part of the spiritual journey.

OKundalini reveals the divine nature of the entire universe and every being within it-and shows us our true capacity for limitless compassion, connection, and love,O Dr. Edwards teaches. Join him to discover how to tap into this profoundly transformative force, and through Awakening Kundalini, realize your ability to live Oradically free.O


  • The soul's yearning for transcendence and freedom

  • The three upayas (means) that support Kundalini ascent

  • Cultivating Owitness consciousnessONthe ability to watch without judgment whatever arises and dissolves in our lives

  • Using the vibrational power of mantra to unfold Kundalini energy

  • The importance of discernment and healthy boundaries when it comes to spiritual practice

  • The unlimited ways in which shaktipat, the descent of grace, can reveal our true nature

  • The body's chakra system and its role in Kundalini awakening

  • Our shadow sides, and how Kundalini can illuminate the darkness that hides our talents and lures our ego-mind

  • Telling the difference between sat (what is true) and asat (what is not true)

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      CD: Awakening Kundalini (6 CD)


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