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5L DMSO Liquid Dimethyl Sulfoxide 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Solvent Bulk


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Product description

99.9% Pure pharmaceutical Grade DMSO, also known as Dimethyl Sulfoxide.

DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide, is derived from Pine trees as a byproduct of the paper manufacturing industry. It is also naturally found in garlic as one of the root’s 70+ sulfur compounds.

It has long been used as a chemical solvent and chemical intermediate for:

  • Non-industrial use, including in pesticides and fungicides, veterinary medicines; and for cosmetic use.
  • Domestic use, including in coatings, paints, lacquers and varnishes, paint and varnish removers; cleaning products; ink and toners; fillers, putties, plasters and modelling clay; and polishes and wax blends.
  • Commercial use, including in: anti-freeze and de-icing products; adhesives and sealants; hydraulic fluids and construction material.
  • Alternative Therapy: Has been known to be used topically on skin.


    • Pharmaceutical Grade

    • Appearance: Colourless, transparent liquid

    • Other Names: DMSO; Methane, Sulfinlbis

    • Crystalline Point: 18.3˚C

    • Assay / Purity: 99.9 %

    • Chemical Formula: C2H6OS

    • DMSO is a very temperature sensitive product. Liquid DMSO can and will crystallise in a cold environment. If this occurs, place or keep the DMSO bottle in a warm location (15°C – 20°C), and within a few hours it should go back to liquid form. For faster results, place the bottle in a clean zip lock bag, seal it, and place it in warm water. Under any circumstances, do not microwave it!

    Please Note: DMSO is an excellent solvent capable of dissolving a wide range of chemicals and carrying them across biological membranes. Although no systemic toxicity effects are expected from penetration of the chemical alone, the chemical's solvating properties can enable other chemicals in product formulations to enter the body.

    DMSO also has a relatively high freeze temperature of 16-19 degrees Celsius. So if you receive your liquid and see a bit of frozen content this is 100% natural. All you need to do is to immerse your bottle in a tub of Lukewarm water (from the tap is fine) and please remove it as soon as you see all icy bits gone in order not to overheat the DMSO.

    Package Includes

    Dimethyl Sulfoxide 99.9% Min Purity


    • Please consult your health care practitioner.
    • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
    • These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    • We make no therapeutic use claims. Therapeutic is defined by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as:
      • preventing, diagnosing, curing or alleviating a disease, ailment, defect or injury in persons or animals; or
      • influencing, inhibiting or modifying a physiological process in persons or animals; or
      • testing the susceptibility of persons or animals to a disease or ailment; or
      • influencing, controlling or preventing conception in persons; or
        testing for pregnancy in persons; or
      • the replacement or modification of parts of the anatomy in persons or animals.

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    5L DMSO Liquid Dimethyl Sulfoxide 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Solvent Bulk


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