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Perlite Coarse Premium Soil Expanded Medium Plants Hydroponics Bulk

by Orku
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Perlite is a light, hard, aerated, white mineral, formed from volcanic glass, used in potting mixes to add open and porous drainage, provide aeration to plant roots and hold oxygen, a little moisture and nutrients from soluble fertilisers. 

Perfect for creating your own potting mix or raised bed mix in bulk. Simply add compost, soil and other components to make your own specialty blend, especially for plants that love aeration and excellent drainages like cacti, succulents and orchids. The angular properties of Coarse Perlite make it particularly useful for creating free draining potting mixes.

Perlite in seed raising mixtures encourages quicker germination and improved seedling growth. Seedlings are easily removed from Perlite with little damage to the roots as they transplant with minimum disturbance.


  • Inorganic, inert and sterile
  • Quicker germination
  • Non-abrasive
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Free from disease, weeds and insects
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High cation-exchange (or buffering exchange)
  • Excellent aeration and drainage characteristics
  • High water holding capacity
  • Insulating properties


  • 5L Bag is packed in 1x5L Resealable Zip Lock Bag (Net Weight approximately 215g)
  • 10L Bag is packed in 1x10L Resealable Zip Lock Bag (Net Weight approximately 430g)
  • 20L Bag is packed in 2x10L Resealable Zip Lock Bags (Net Weight approximately 860g)
  • 50L Bag is packed in a 5x10L Resealable Zip Lock Bags (Net Weight approximately 2.15Kgs)
  • 100L is packed in a bulk 100L Sack (Net Weight approximately 4.3Kgs)