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500ml Propylene Glycol BP USP 99.9% Pharmaceutical Food Grade Monopropylene

by Orku
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500ml Propylene Glycol BP / USP, 99.9% Purity.

Mono Propylene Glycol USP is a specially selected grade meeting the specification of Indian, European, Japanese and British Pharmacopoeias and, the Food Chemical Codex (FCC).

It is a clear liquid used as a non-active ingredient in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. It is also used as a humectant and emulsifier in the production of food, personal hygiene and skin car products and liquid detergents.

The USP grade is produced according to the highest industry standards and testing. The specified purity is more than 99.9%.

Also referred to as Monopropylene, Methyl Ethyl Glycol, Isopropylene glycol

Features and Uses Of Propylene Glycol USP

  • Non-active enabling agent (excipient)
  • Carries flavours in food and beverages
  • Helps retain moisture in pet and livestock feed
  • Carrier of active ingredients in cough syrup and gel capsules
  • Keeps skin care and  cosmetics, personal care and health care products consistent, soft and moist
  • Humectant, emulsifier and preservative
  • Base for Vapes

Please note bottle shape and transparency may slightly vary depending on bottle availability.