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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 10" RO Membrane Undersink Purifier


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Product description

A reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system is a valuable investment for you and your family to enjoy healthy, great tasting purified water at the turn of a tap in your own home. Not only is a reverse osmosis system one of the most advanced and effective household water purification methods, our reverse osmosis system does not need any electricity to operate.


  • 5 Stage:

    • 1st Stage - 10" 5 Micron PP Sediment - Prefilter to remove sand, silt, dirt, and rust

    • 2nd Stage - 10" Granular Activated Carbon GAC - Germicidal adhesion, removes chlorine, agricultural chemicals, insecticide etc. from water that could damage the membrane.

    • 3rd Stage - 10" CTO Carbon Block - High density activated carbon to remove odour, and chlorine that would otherwise damage the membrane

    • 4th Stage - RO Membrane - Heavy metal removal, designed so that small molecules of pure water can only pass through

    • 5th Stage - In-line Post Carbon Cartridge T33 (coconut carbon) - for taste and odour removal

  • Pre-installed PP, GAC, and CTO Filters

  • Power: Not needed, No pump, No electricity

  • 10" Filter Cartridge Housing

  • Filteration Method: Reverse Osmosis

  • Filtration Capacity: 75GPD (Gallons Per Day)

  • Tank Capacity: 3.2G, 12L

  • Type: Undersink Filter

  • Installation: Surface Mounted, Self Installed 

  • Faucet: Three Fork Knob

  • Plastic Ball Valve

  • Material: Plastic, Brass, Steel

  • PE Pipe Length: 5m

  • Weight: 10kg

  • Dimensions Of Housing Unit Approx. (cm): 40(L) x 40(H) x 15(W)

  • Dimensions of Tank (cm): 34.3(H) x 24.5(W)

  • Working Pressure: 50PSI

  • Inlet Pressure: 0.4MPa

  • Certification: CE, RoHs

Based on water quality and impurity, and an average consumption of up to 10L of water per day, as guide it is recommended that you replace your filters at 10 months.

The RO Membrane filter can last up to 2 years with replacing.

Taking care of your unit and replacing the filters as recommended will ensure a longer life of your unit.

Package Includes: 

  • 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System (AR04-C)

  • Faucet, Tank and Accessories

  • Installation and Maintenance Handbook

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5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 10" RO Membrane Undersink Purifier


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