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Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits Do They Really Work?

Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits Do They Really Work?

Vibration Machines: Are they worth it?

A lot of people have been asking about the increasingly popular Vibration Machine or if we want to use the correct term we should be calling them “Whole Body Vibration machines” (WBV). With this blog, I am to answer questions such as “Are they worth it”, “what are the benefits” and with this I want to address some of the most common queries.

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Praised by celebrities and even tested by NASA, they claim to reduce workout time by maximising the effects of one of the many routines you can perform with the Vibration Platform machines which is a welcome concept to those of us who struggle to fit exercise into our ever-increasing busy lives. But is all this just hype or do these machines really work? Do these machines really work? And more importantly are they actually worth the cost?
After a bit of research through forums and investigating several claims from people have been using it, in this blog, I will summarise what I have discovered and give you my overall thoughts about the machine…How does it work?
Whole body vibration (WBV) is a generic term used where any vibration of any frequency is transferred to the human body. As the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times each second.


What are the benefits?

Thanks to the many exercises that can be performed with a WBV machine, the benefits can be multiple. Below, I am highlighting some of the advantages that people have been reporting and that have been proven by controlled studies. Vibration machines are also used for rehabilitation and recovery purposes but you should speak with you doctor and get advised on the best exercises that you could perform (with or without) a vibration platform. 

• Postural Stability
• Significant decrease in lower back pain
• Reduce bone loss
• Improve balance (core) in older adults
• Overall improvement in weight loss and fitness levels
• Improve blood circulation

Vibration machines example exercises

Why do you need this?

Do you exercise at home? Do you lead a busy lifestyle? Do you want to maximise the effects of your fitness routine? If you answered YES to one or all three questions then you should check out the vibration machines as it will most likely give you that extra “something” you are looking for.


What to choose and how much to pay for a Vibration Machine

Like for everything when thinking of buying something we need to look at the cost/quality ratio but also make sure we are overcharged or we are not protected if something the product is faulty or it breaks after 1 or few more months.
There are many vibration machines out there and they come in different sizes, colours, shapes and of course different costs. So, I have decided to simply give you some buying tips which you could/should always consider, not only when you are buying a vibration machine, but for almost everything.

1. Check the warranty – Make sure that you have an above standard warranty (at least 1 year)
2. Find out about after sale service - If you are buying online, make sure you can reach out the seller for support and if the vibration machine breaks you are covered
3. Do not think that paying more always means getting more – If you have a warranty and know that you can seek support if needed then look no further than what is closer to your budget.


Final thoughts

I must say that the Vibration Machines really seem to be the “new” thing and as it is a relatively small device it is easy to store when not used. I am not a doctor but all the info, studies and personal stories that I have read and found around forums and other blogs did convince me. I do want to add that if you have any physical issues, before using the machine you must consult with your doctor. Also, make sure that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly for maximum results.
Would I buy one? I already I did!

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