Difference Between Nutribullet Blades, Which To Use

Difference Between Nutribullet Blades, Which To Use

The NutriBullet has been dubbed as the “superfood nutrition extractor” as it can pulverize and liquefy the food without affecting the amount of nutrients you can get from it. Aside from its nutritional advantage, however, here are other reasons why the NutriBullet is worth your bucks. One of these key reasons is the blades. With great variety and easy swapping function you can customize the Nutribullet exactly to your requirements.

The Different Nutribullet Blade Types

The Nutribullet comes with two blade options, and each can be used for specific purposes.


  Cross Blade 

The cross blade, blending blade, or the extractor blade has four sides and can mix or blend fruits and vegetables into smoothies. This blade is so strong that it can even crush ice.

   Milling Blade

The milling blade or flat blade is only composed of a single two-pronged blade, and this can pulverize or grind dry ingredients into powders.


 Which Nutribullet Blade To Use & When?

Depending on what Nutribullet blade to use, you can extract all the benefits of the foods and superfoods you like from one system – the Nutribullet system. Here are some of the uses of the cross blade and the flat blade:

Cross Blade / Extractor Blade Flat Blade / Milling Blade
Smoothies Nuts
Dips Coffee Beans
Sauces Seeds
Butter Grains
Ice Herbs
Salad Dressings & Hummus Mix Flour
Sorbets & Ice Cream  


Image - Use the right blade for your Nutribullet to avoid turning that smoothie into a fruit salad!


What Can The Nutribullet Be Used For Generally?

  • The Nutribullet can unlock the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients inside the cell walls of whatever food you place into it- may it be vegetables, fruits, nuts, or seeds. Unlike the regular juicer, where you leave behind most of its nutritional value from the peels, the Nutribullet can pulverize everything, so you don’t lose any of the nutrients.
  • Because it uses a 600-watt motor (compared to others in the market, which only has a capacity of 250-watt or less), you get smoother drinks, sauces, and smoothies.
  • The Nutribullet doesn’t require much space. Its compact design allows it to fit even in a small area compared to other blenders with similar capacity.
  • The parts, specifically the cups and lids, are dishwasher-friendly. Only the blade is not, and therefore, should be hand-washed.
  • The Nutribullet can easily be assembled and disassembled.
  • It is incredibly versatile as it can make soups, desserts, dressings, ice creams, dips, and sauces, aside from the usual juices and smoothies you can make.
  • It is affordable compared with other blenders in the market, but it is extremely powerful, so your investment is totally worth it.
  • And of course, if ever you accidentally damaged your Nutribullet, you can easily get the Nutribullet replacement spare parts as they are available in the market.


Where Can I Buy The Nutribullet Replacement Blades?

Ozdingo makes it easier for you to buy Nutribullet replacement parts without having to replace your entire Nutribullet. Plus, we don't carry just the different types of blades, but we also have a range of other replacement parts like Nutribullet cups, seal rings, lids, handles, and cup ring circles.

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