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Best Multivitamins To Boost Your Energy

Best Multivitamins To Boost Your Energy

It is quite challenging to ensure if you are getting enough nutrients with the food that you eat every day. That is why supplements such as multivitamins are available to fill in the gaps when we think we aren’t getting 100% of our recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Many dietary recommendations can be beneficial to both men and women; however, women have different needs than men.


Essential Vitamins And Minerals For Women 

Vitamin C

Also known as Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for energy. Our adrenal glands need to produce cortisol  (for energy) and neurotransmitters (like epinephrine and norepinephrine, a.k.a. fight or flight hormones). Vitamin C also helps in the absorption of iron.


This mineral can increase vitamin C absorption. It is crucial in the oxygen delivery function of RBCs or red blood cells. If we have low levels of iron in the blood, oxygen levels are deficient too. Thus our cell’s ability to function well is impaired - causing fatigue, weakness, and lethargy. Iron deficiency may also lead to anemia.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is essential to prevent muscular fatigue, especially for older adults, those with darker skin, obese, and those who live in colder climates who don’t get enough sun exposure. If enough Vitamin D is present in our body, the risks of depression are low.

B Vitamins

This is also one of the best vitamins for energy, brain function as well as cellular metabolism. B vitamins help generate energy within the cells and nerves. Here are a few B vitamins which help generate energy:

  • B12 or cobalamin converts the food we eat into glucose which gives energy to our body. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause anemia, causing the affected person to always appear weak and tired. Those who are at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency are older adults, those with gastrointestinal disorders since they can’t absorb B12, and the vegans as the natural source of B12 is animal meat. 
  • B6 Another member of B vitamins essential to energy production is vitamin B6. It helps convert protein we eat into energy. It also helps in the production of glucose, red blood cells, and neurotransmitters.
  • Biotin or vitamin H is also a member of B vitamins. It keeps our skin, hair, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy. This vitamin is especially essential for embryonic growth during pregnancy. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels and supports gene regulation.
  • Folate, folic acid, or vitamin B9 is another member of B complex vitamins. Like B6, it helps the body convert the carbohydrates from the food we eat into energy. It also helps in the metabolism of fats and protein. Besides, it boosts the production of new red blood cells, which helps prevent anemia.

Vitamin A

Otherwise known as Retinol, Vitamin A plays a role in the synthesis of ATP in the cells, specifically the mitochondria, which is the power plant of cells. Vitamin A deficiency can impair respiration, cause extreme lethargy, and cause interrupted sleep, so the body's energy level is insufficient. Our immune system and proper vision are both impacted if our body lacks Vitamin A.


Final Thoughts

Stress and everyday activities sap our energy. The good thing is, there are vitamins to boost energy levels available in the market. Along with a healthy exercise routine, a balanced diet, and good sleep, we can feel assured that we're performing our very best every day. 

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