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1000's of 5 Star Reviews and Fast Shipping Australia Wide
Health & Nutritional Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt

Salt is perceived as the essence of life. Without it, our food would taste bland and uninteresting. Since salt is made up of 98% sodium chloride, the terms ‘salt’ and ‘sodium’ are used interchangeably. Our body needs it to perform its biological processes such as maintaining proper fluid balance, muscle contraction and relaxation, blood pressure regulation, and nerve conduction.

Over the years, salt has gained a ‘bad reputation’ as we all know that too much sodium can trigger hypertension and heart diseases. The current refined salt is also bleached to make it super white, stripping away most of its nutritive value in the process. Even with all these scares, can we resist not sprinkling our food with it? Or is there a healthier alternative to salt that will help bring out the flavors of our dishes?

Enter the Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt derived its name from the fact that these natural pink salt deposits are found in Pakistan's Himalayan foothills. The Himalayan salt is said to be the purest form of salt because it had over 250 million years of maturing from where it is mined at- the Khewra Salt Mine. Its naturally eye-catching pink color is due to the presence of iron oxide, and it is naturally rich in iodine, unlike the common salt we purchase that is fortified.


Commonly Asked Questions

Does Himalayan Rock Salt contain Iodine?

Himalayan Rock Salt typically contains less Iodine than other common table salts. Iodine is often an additive is many other types of standard sea salts, but not typically for Himalayan Rock Salts. Some Himalayan pink salt contains no iodine at all. Check with your supplier to confirm.

Is Himalayan Rock Salt good for you?

Yes, this type of Rock Salt has a high mineral content, which has shown to be beneficial for general use. As you'll see from the explanation below there's a whole range of advantages to using Himalayan Rock Salt which you don't get from traditional salts. 

Does Himalayan Rock Salt expire?

If stored correctly in a dry atmosphere, which is cool, then Himalayan Rock Salt can last well over a lifetime, possibly even for several hundred years. You should always try to seal your Rock Salt properly and store in the cupboard, particularly if you purchase large quantities. 



What Himalayan Rock Salt Contains

Like table salt, the Himalayan pink salt is made up mostly of sodium chloride. An analysis of a gram of pink Himalayan salt and Table salt revealed that:


Mineral (in grams)

Himalayan Salt

Table Salt

















Since it is minimally processed and naturally harvested, it retains most of its mineral content; thus, it contains more calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron than the regular table salt. In fact, it is estimated that Himalayan salt contains up to 84 trace elements and minerals, making it superior and healthier than the regular table salt.  

Some Of The Many Himalayan Rock Salt Benefits

Regulation of Blood Sugar + Hormonal Balance

One of the Himalayan rock salt health benefits is ensuring a proper flow of fluids in the body. When there is a good balance of minerals and a normal level of hormones, the body’s insulin and blood sugar stay healthy.

Improves Digestion

Palatable food is not just appealing to our senses; it also triggers the release of the enzyme amylase, which enhances the breakdown of carbohydrates we eat into simple sugars (which our cells need for energy). It also stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid and proteases, which helps in the digestion of protein and other food we eat.

Therapy for Respiratory Problems

Do you know that you can use salt to improve your breathing? Yes, Himalayan rock salt benefits include its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which help clear the person’s lungs and sinuses. The salt can be placed in an inhaler or can be added in a lukewarm tub. The person with a cough, runny nose, seasonal allergy, chest congestion, or respiratory problem can inhale the salt-rich air to clear up his/her sinuses and thus improve breathing.


Drinking the sole water made from Himalayan salt (which contains negatively charged ions and trace minerals) can help keep the body’s pH level balanced. It also helps flush out toxins, boosts the body’s energy level, and aids in its hydration.

Skin Rejuvenation

Our skin absorbs the minerals that the Himalayan brine bath contains, thus helping improve our skin condition. Here are some minerals in the Himalayan salt and their skin benefits:

  • Magnesium- soothes cramped muscles and tissues
  • Chromium- fights acne bacteria
  • Zinc- prevents scarring
  • Sulphur- smooths the skin


Final Thoughts

Himalayan Rock Salt is naturally harvested and does not contain additives, unlike table salt, which has a mix of anti-caking and bleaching agents. Containing less sodium overall, Himalayan Salt is the healthier choice in seasoning. So what are you waiting for? 


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