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Welcome to Ozdingo, thanks to you we’re building Australia’s Marketplace
4 Key Benefits of Hand Sanitisers

4 Key Benefits of Hand Sanitisers

It is imperative that we keep our hands clean... ALWAYS. Even though we use the hands to put food in our mouth, it is also a reservoir and transmitter of germs when it comes in contact with our eyes, mouth, nose, and other parts of the body.

Experts recommend that we use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to promote proper hygiene. Below are 4 of the key benefits:


Hand gels and rubs can kill or eliminate 99.9% of germs in our hands when we use it properly. Studies show that gastrointestinal and respiratory infections are greatly reduced with those who use sanitizers than those that don't.



In those instances when water isn’t available or when the queue of people waiting on the line to use the restroom is long, using a hand sanitizer proves convenient.


Ideal for Group Setting

In areas or settings where there are lots of people (allowing the spread of germs easily and quickly), a squirt of hand sanitiser can kill germs periodically all throughout the day. Reports reveal that placing hand sanitizers on classrooms can reduce absenteeism due to diseases or illnesses by 20 percent.


Reduced Transmission of Illness

Minimising exposure to other people’s germs with the use of hand sanitizers is especially critical during flu season. Transmission of disease-causing bacteria and viruses is also reduced when you use hand sanitizers, especially after each contact to other people.


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Correct Sanitiser Formula

Not all hand sanitizers are created equal however, that’s why it is essential to check the label of the hand sanitizer before you buy them. Look for those whose formulation conforms with WHO (World Health Organisation) standards, which are as follows:


  • Ethanol 96% -antiseptic
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% -used to disable or inactivate bacterial spores
  • Glycerol 98% -component used to retain skin moisture and is used to reduce skin allergies
  • Sterile distilled or boiled cold water

Alcohol-free hand rubs have not been shown to be effective against viruses like COVID-19, and experts recommend against using them.


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How To Use The Sanitiser Properly

The sanitizer is effective when you use the right formulation and when it is applied correctly:

  • Use the manufacturer’s recommended amount (Follow the instructions on the label).
  • Rub your hands together, making sure that all surfaces are covered.
  • Stop rubbing in the sanitizer only if your hand is already dry.

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(image source : WHO)

Why Use the Correct Sanitizer Formula?

It is necessary to use alcohol-based sanitizers at an alcohol concentration of more than 60 percent because according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), they rapidly and effectively inactivate a wide array of potentially harmful microorganisms and even those viruses genetically related to COVID-19. The use of non-alcohol-based sanitizers or those whose concentration lower than 60 percent may not work well for some type of germs, and may only reduce its growth rather than kill them outright.

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Final Thoughts

Frequent use of the hand sanitizer is a habit we should all practice to keep us from being exposed to germs around us. Without a doubt, using this germ-fighting product regularly will decrease our chances of contracting illnesses or diseases especially during this time when the COVID-19 outbreak is rampant. Use it correctly, regularly, and safely to achieve the best protection all throughout the day no matter where life takes you. Visit Ozdingo’s website for a complete list of all hand sanitizers and essential oils we have in stock.



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