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Welcome to Ozdingo, thanks to you we’re building Australia’s Marketplace

5Kg Caustic Soda Micropearl Bucket Sodium Hydroxide Hydrate NaOH Lye Making Soap

by Orku
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Caustic Soda is an alkaline, versatile substance used in the manufacturing processes of various everyday products. it is a co-product of chlorine production.

It combines with fats and waxes to form water soluble soaps, that emulsify with oils which can be wiped or flushed away easily. Consumers use Caustic Soda Micropearls for making soaps and detergents, to clean drains and ovens.

Can also be referred to as:

  • Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)
  • Sodium Hydrate
  • Soda Lye
  • White Caustic

Suggested Uses of Caustic Soda:

  • Addictive to cleaning - unblock drains, dissolve grease, fats and proteins
  • Washing - making soap and detergent
  • Adhesives
  • Cosmetic use
  • Food Processing Aid
  • Industrial and commercial use
  • In flotation agents
  • pH regulations
  • Solvent
  • Water treatment
  • Photochemical


  • Purity: minimum 99%
  • Appearance: Pearls, Beads, Prill
  • Colour: White, translucent

Warning And First aid Measures:

  • May be corrosive to metals
  • Causes severe skin burns and eye damage - Rinse skin and eyes continuously if in contact 
  • Do not breathe dust, fume, gas, vapours, spray
  • Wear protective gloves, clothing, eye protection, face protection
  • If swallowed, rinse mouth. Do not induce vomiting
  • If inhaled, remove victim to fresh air
  • Store locked up
  • Dispose of container accordingly

If any above the above should occur please seek medical advice.

Package Includes:

Comes packed in 5kg resealable tub