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Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Himalayan rock salt lamps have been used for centuries by all people around the world. Beautifully lit with a calming glow, it offers tranquility into any space. These beautiful crystals are carved from the amber-coloured rock salt harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas. Along with its decorative purpose, comes a lot of health and wellbeing benefits too. 

The health benefits stem from the release of negative ions into the atmosphere. These negative ions emitted from the Himalayan rock salt lamps get rid of the damaging ions in the environment, thus purifying the space and improving the air quality. So, what are Himalayan rock salt lamps good for? Let’s explore some Himalayan rock salt lamp benefits. 

Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Explained

Balance Electromagnetic Radiation

Our daily home appliances and electronic devices release positive ions and electromagnetic radiation into the air. This can pose serious long-term effects on our health, causing fatigue, increased stress and a weak immune system. By placing a Himalayan rock salt lamp in areas of your home, the lamp emits negative ions that neutralize the positive ions emitted by our devices and appliances, creating a healthier and comfortable living space.

Relief to Respiratory Issues

The positive ions in the environment also decreases cilial activity. The Cilia (nose hair) and windpipe play a vital role in the body’s natural filtering process. With ciliary activity restored thanks to the negative ions emitted from the Himalayan rock salt lamp, our nose and windpipe can properly filter out these foreign particles as we breathe in.

Does Himalayan Rock Salt Really Help Purify Air? 

The answer is yes! It cleans the air through hygroscopy. Hygroscopy is the process by which contaminated water molecules in the air are absorbed and locked into salt crystals. More to love, the hygroscopic property of the Himalayan rock salt lamp is also believed to benefit asthma sufferers or people suffering from allergies. Reports also indicate that it can prevent the advancement of coughing, sneezing, sore throats, and the symptoms of the common cold.

Improves Blood Flow 

The negative ions are believed to accelerate or boost blood flow. This can prevent several vascular disorders and can prevent damage to the lungs. Along with a boost in blood flow, it’s also said that the soothing colours of the lamp aids insomnia and restores irregular sleeping patterns.

Improves Mood, Sharpen Concentration, and Promote Relaxation

The negative ions from the Himalayan rock salt lamp are known to boost serotonin levels (otherwise known as the happy hormone) and are responsible for reducing our stress, elevating our energy levels, promoting relaxation, and improving our overall performance. High serotonin levels in the brain are beneficial for people suffering forms of depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The negative ions also increase the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, thereby improving our concentration.

The Himalayan rock salt lamp can be used for chromotherapy. The orange, red, and yellow colours of the lamp can help balance the body’s physical, spiritual, and emotional energies.


Do Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps really work?

Although no major studies supporting the Himalayan rock salt lamp benefits, it wouldn’t hurt to try it for yourself. Besides, it adds a little charm to the home and creates a beautiful zen space.  There are currently plenty of options to choose from thanks to each unique carving of the crystal.  Head to our website where we stock a beautiful range from the Himalayan Salt Collective.

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